Metro Academic and Classical

Metro provides a challenging, quality education focused on high standards and expectations in an atmosphere of unity, enthusiasm, caring and respect for self, others and the community.  Service to the community is encourages, while the school promotes learning in all areas to prepare students to become responsible members of society who can function in a technology-oriented world.

Eligibility criteria to Metro Academic and Classical include:

Applicant must score at or above the Third Achievement level on all of the most recent MAP/EOC tests or be at the 50 percentile level or more on a standardized test, in all sub-areas of the test
Applicant must score at or above the 50 percentile level on Acuity rests, if available, throughout the school year of application
Applicant must score at or above the Third Achievement Level on all MAP/EOC exams taken in the eighth grade after the application was submitted and acceptance was made.  Continues achievement is expected
Applicant must have good attendance with no more than five absences per semester except in cases of physician-documented illness/hospitalization and documented family emergencies, i.e., deaths, fires, accidents
Eighth grade applicants must submit a copy of the most recent report card and their last report card of their eighth grade year to validate classroom academic achievement and attendance.  This report card must reflect a C or better in all subjects with the exception of Physical Education, Art, Music, and Practical Arts.  One D will be acceptable in any of these four subjects.  No D in a core subject is acceptable
Applicant must have excellent or good evaluations on each item on the Official Recommendation Checklist Form.  Recommendations must be submitted by two of the following: applicant's teacher, counselor, principal or designated administrator
Student applying for 10th grade must submit a transcript reflecting all semesters enrolled, including the last completed semester and a report card from the most recent grading period.  The applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.3 and no Ds or Fs on their transcripts.  Transcript should also validate attendance and grade level.  EOC test scores apply as mentioned above.

Submit required documentation to:

Metro Adademic and Classical
Attention: Admissions - Bobbie Richardson
4015 McPherson Ave
St. Louis,  MO 63108

            Administrator/Principal Recommendation Form

            Teacher/Counselor Recommendation Form


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