Gateway STEM

Gateway STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) High School, recognized by the United States Department of Education as a New American High School, integrates a strong academic curriculum emphasizing mathematics and science with career preparation in highly technical fields.  Accelerated and advanced placement courses are available.  Gateway STEM creates lifelong learners through skill building, team building, real-life applications and service to the community.

Eligibility criteria to Gateway STEM include:

Interest in mathematics, science, engineering and/or technology
Expectation to attend post-secondary education at a university, college, community college or technical school with the intent to attain a diploma
Student transcripts/report cards, test scores, reflecting aptitude and success in mathematics, science and writing
Attendance of 90% or better required (over 93% preferred) and no major discipline infractions or repeated behavioral issues
Commitment to parental involvement, i.e., PTA, advisory committees, booster clubs, support of school, volunteering

Submit required documentation to:

Gateway STEM
Attention: Admissions
5101 McRee Ave
St. Louis,  MO 63110

Additional information, including recommendation forms, can be found here


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