How to Complete the Application

Print out and complete one application for each eligible sibling you would like to transfer to a county school district. Mail them to: VICC, 7425 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 110, St. Louis, MO 63105 or FAX to: 314.721.3693. 

Remember to sign the application.

When completing the application, please fill in all the application spaces according to the following instructions. Failure to answer all questions accurately and fully could result in your child's application and enrollment being rescinded at any time.

Student's Name: Print the name of your child that is used at the school that he or she now attends.  

Address: Be sure to include your complete street name address, such as Street, Avenue, Boulevard, Road, Walk, Lane, Court, Circle, Square, Place, Terrace, etc. Include an apartment number, if applicable.

Grade Fall 2019: Enter the grade in which your child will be enrolled when school starts in Fall, 2019.

Current School: Enter the name of the school your child now attends. If it is a non-public school or out of the St. Louis Metropolitan area, please provide the address as well.

Special Education: Please answer all these questions fully in order to assist us in placing your child. Please provide a copy of your child's I.E.P., if applicable.

Safe Schools: Please answer these questions accurately and completely.

Foster Child Status: Please indicate if applicant is a foster child. (We need this information for our records and for state reports.)

List Names and Grades of Other Children for Whom You Are Now Sending or for Whom You Have Previously Submitted an Application:
It is the policy of the VICC that brothers and sisters should attend the same county district. It is important for the VICC to know which children are siblings. Please enter the names and grades of all children for whom you are submitting an application form.

List Names of Your Children Who Are Already Enrolled in a County School: If any of your children already attend a county school, please list their names and the county school districts they now attend. New applicants with siblings who are already enrolled get a higher priority for placement.

Districts Desired: You may choose up to three school districts in your attendance area and rank them in your order of preference. If, however, there are no openings in the districts you select, we will send your application to another district that has space. You are not required to accept a transfer to any school district you do not want.

Parent/Guardian Consent: You must sign the application in order for the application to be valid for processing.

Application (adobe acrobat required)


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