Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Program 
Food Distribution Stops and Times

*Must be 18 Years Old  or Younger

Food Sponsored by the Rockwood School District & the Kirkwood School District

Effective April 6, 2021 
Monday and Wednesday

Area 1   (East of Union and North of Hwy 40)

Route TCK111

9:00am  Church Rd & Riverbiew Blvd  NW Crnr

9:10am  McLaran Ave & Northcrest Lane SE Crnr

9:20am  Robin Ave & Theodore Ave SW Crnr

9:25am  Ruskin Ave & Thekla Ave SW Crnr

9:40am  Brennan St & Dressell Ave Crnr

9:45am  Belt Ave & Greer Ave NW Crnr

9:50am  Belt Ave & Ridge Ave NW Crnr  

9:52am  5873 Plymouth

9:55am  Belt Ave & Maple Ave NW Crnr               

10:00am   Cates Ave & Hamilton Ave NW Crnr


Area 2   (West of Union to the River and North of Hwy 40)

Route TCK112

9:00am  Academy Ave & Ridge Ave SW Crnr

9:10am  Norwood Ave & Terry Ave SW Crnr

9:20am  Lee Ave & Marcus Ave SW Crnr

9:25am  Pope Ave & Rosalie St  SW Crnr

9:35am  E Maffitt Ave & Whittier St  SW Crnr

9:40am  N Prairie Ave & Saint Louis Ave SE Crnr

9:45am  N Garrison Ave & Thomas St SW Crnr

9:50am  N 9th St & OFallon St

Area 3
 (Within City Limits South of Hwy 40)

Route TCK113   

8:45am  Ellendale Ave and Emilie St Crnr                                                           

9:00am  California Ave & Eads SE Crnr

9:05am  Hickory St & Ohio Ave Crnr

9:12am  Lafayette Ave & S Tucker Blvd Crnr

9:15am  Lebanon Dr & s 9th Street Crnr

9:22am  Indiania Ave & Shennandoah Ave Crnr

9:26am  Ohio Ave & Wyoming Ave Crnr

9:30am  Humphrey St & Louisiana Ave Crnr

9:33am  Miami St & Nebraska Ave Crnr

9:38am  Chippewas St & Illinois Ave Crnr

9:43am  Keokuk St & Pennsylvania Ave Crnr

9:46am  Chippewa St & Louisiana Ave Crnr

9:49am  Chippewa St & Gustine Ave Crnr

9:54am  Connecticut St & Portis Ave Crnr

10:01am  Alberta St & S Spring Ave Crnr

10:05am  California Ave & Meramec St Crnr

10:09am  Dewey Ave & itaska St Crnr

10:13am  Itaska St & Nebraska Ave NE Crnr

10:17am  Michigan Ave & Wilmington Ave Crnr

10:22am  Delor St & S. Compton Ave NE Crnr

10:27am  Alabama Ave & Eiler St Crnr

10:34am  Goethe Ave & Terrace Ave Crnr

10:44am  Finkman St & January Ave Crnr


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