St. Louis Magnet Schools

Magnet School Applications are now being accepted for the 2018-2019 school year!

Apply on-line at

County Residence: 
This is the final year to apply to a magnet school (unless a sibling is already attending.)  Students enrolled can continue in the magnet schools until graduation.

25 exciting schools from which to choose and all are FREE.

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent makes.  Do you have a child who doesn't necessarily "fit the mold" at your current school?  Or are you looking for a change in direction as your child advances from one level to the next?  If so, there's an exciting educational alternative you need to know about!  It's the St. Louis Public Schools Magnet Program.

For almost three decades, St. Louis City and County families have experienced extraordinary educational opportunities at the Magnet Schools

25 specialty schools catering to a wide range of student talents and interests    
Diverse and challenging curriculum 
Free transportation for eligible students
Priceless partnerships with respected local and national institutions
Simple and fair application process

What is a Magnet School?
Students ordinarily go to the public school nearest them.  Magnet schools are public schools without school boundaries.  Each has something unique to offer that you won't find in traditional schools, whether it's a particular focus on technology, the arts, or a stimulating curriculum designed especially for gifted students.

Because of high demand in many schools and grade levels, admission is based on a lottery system.   

Experience the excitement of the St. Louis Magnet Schools in person.  Individual tours may be arranged by calling each school directly.

For more information call, 314.721.8422, ext. 3012

Eligibility Requirements:
Any student who lives in St. Louis City and non-African American students who live in the county school districts of Affton, Bayless, Brentwood, Clayton, Hancock Place, Kirkwood, Ladue, Lindbergh, Mehlville, Parkway, Pattonville, Ritenour, Rockwood, Valley Park or Webster Groves are eligible to attend St. Louis Magnet Schools.  
Families living in the Ferguson-Florissant, Hazelwood, Jennings, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, Normandy, Riverview Gardens, University City school districts are not eligible to participate.  
Kindergarten students entering school for the first time must be age 5 before August 1st of the school year to which they are applying.  
St. Louis County students are not eligible for magnet preschool programs.

Early Childhood Education

Young minds are inquisitive by nature.  Our Early Childhood Centers tap into that natural inquisitiveness using a process-oriented approach to learning known as Project Construct.  Your child will be engaged in all-day learning from kindergarten through fifth grade, providing a strong, solid foundation for his or her future academic success.

Wilkinson Early Childhood Center (K-2) Principal: Yvette Levy
1921 Prather Ave., 63139 (314) 645-1202

Humboldt Academy (3-5) Principal: Jacqueline Russell
2516 S 9th St., 63104 (314) 932.5720

General Academics

It's cool to be different.  Some children like traditional learning.  Others excel when a teacher identifies and supports their individual learning style.  Magnet schools are a great place for "break-the-mold" students.  Our general academic programs are recognized for inventive teaching methods.  We offer the largest tuition-free Montessori program in the metropolitan area.  How successful are our students?  Our Metro Academic & Classical High School is ranked #121 in U.S. News and World Report's list of "America's Best High Schools," the highest ranking of any school in the state of Missouri.

Lyon-Blow Academy of Basic Instruction (K-8) Principal: Dr. Ingrid Iskali
516 Loughborough Ave., 63111 (314) 353-1349

Washington Montessori (K-5) Principal: Lisa Small
1130 N. Euclid Ave., 63113 (314) 361-0432

Busch Middle School of Character & Athletics (6-8) Principal: Robert Lescher
5910 Clifton Ave., 63109 (314) 352-1043

L'ouverture Academy of Entrepreneurship Studies Middle (6-8) Principal: CeAndre Perry
3201 Hickory St., 63104 (314) 932-1464

Metro Academic and Classical High School (9-12) Principal: Steven Lawler click for Metro Criteria
4015 McPherson Ave., 63108 (314) 534-3894   

Gifted Education

Spoke French at age 2, knows the answer to E = mc˛, voracious reader, chess master.  Sound familiar?  Gifted children thrive in an environment that challenges them to the nth degree.  SLPS Magnet Schools proudly offer the only FULL-time, tuition-free K-8 gifted education in the metropolitan area.  Their rigorous and challenging curricula are guaranteed to fulfill your gifted learner's needs.

Students are required to meet state-approved entrance criteria to qualify for any gifted program in the district.  However, meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee space availability. If your child has already been tested for gifted placement, please have the school district forward a copy of those test results to: St. Louis Public Schools, Gifted Department Ms. Muhammad, 801 North 11th St, St. Louis,  MO 63101.  If your child as not been tested for gifted placement, please contact your home school district for testing.

Columbia Gifted Elementary (K-1) Principal: Deshonda Payton
3120 St. Louis Ave, 63106 (314) 533-2750

Kennard Classical Junior Academy (K-5) Principal: Dr. Wanda LeFlore
5031 Potomac St., 63139 (314) 353-8875

Mallinckrodt Academy of Gifted Instruction (K-5) Principal: Mr. DeAndre Thomas
6020 Pernod Ave., 63139 (314) 352-9212

Gifted Classroom at Stix Early Childhood Center (K-2) Principal: Diane Dymond
647 Tower Grove Ave., 63110 (314) 533-0874 

McKinley Classical Junior Academy (6-8) Principal: Steve Warmack
2156 Russell Blvd., 63104 (314) 773-0027

McKinley Classical Leadership Academy (9-12) Principal: Steve Warmack click for McKinley Classical Leadership Academy Criteria
2156 Russell Blvd., 63104 (314) 773-0027

International Studies

Bonjour! Guten Tag! International Studies Magnet Schools provide a wonderful and exciting "passport" to learning.  Our students and staff represent more than 30 countries.  Your child will learn multiple languages, traditions, customs and cultures in the classroom, in the hallways and beyond.

Dewey International Studies (K-5) Principal: Andrew Donovan
6746 Clayton Ave., 63139 (314) 645-4845

Soldan International Studies (9-12) Principal: Dr. Thomas Cason click for Soldan Criteria
918 N. Union Blvd., 63108 (314) 367-9222 


Digging in dirt, peering into a microscope, star-gazing and encouraging you to live green.  Your child will experience hands-on learning, while gaining exposure to everything from engineering to environmental science to computer technology and health fields at our schools that specialize in math, science, technology and pre-college learning.  Partnerships with the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis Zoo, the University of Missouri- St. Louis and others further enrich your child's experience.

Gateway Elementary School (K-5) Principal: Dr. Rose Howard
#4 Gateway Dr., 63106 (314) 241-8255

Mullanphy Investigative Learning Center (K-5) Principal: Mrs. Kelli Casper
4221 Shaw Ave., 63110 (314) 772-0994

Compton-Drew Investigative Learning Center Middle (6-8) Principal: Susan Reid
5130 Oakland Ave., 63110 (314) 652-9282

Gateway Math & Science Prep (6-8) Principal: Nakia King
1200 N. Jefferson Ave., 63106 (314) 241-2295

Gateway S.T.E.M. (9-12) Principal: Dr. Amy Phillips click for Gateway STEM Criteria
5101 McRee Ave., 63110 (314) 776-3300 


Shiny shoes, crisp uniforms, brass buttons.  Cadets not only dress the part, they walk and talk it.  Cleveland NJROTC Military Academy builds character, inspires service and creates strong leaders today for tomorrow.  Admittance and enrollment depend on students meeting the school's academic standards, and weight and uniform fit requirements.  Soldan International Studies and Gateway STEM high schools offer part-time Air Force ROTC programs.

Student standards must be met to remain in these programs.  Students must also meet weight and uniform-fit requirements for entry.  Uniforms for Cleveland NJROTC cadets are provided by the U.S. Navy.  The school sets the maximum physical and uniform sized based on naval standards.

Cleveland Naval Junior ROTC Academy (9-12) Principal: Victoria Shearing click for Cleveland Criteria
4939 Kemper., 63139 (314) 776-1301 

Visual and Performing Arts

Their world is a stage, a canvas, bright lights and beautiful costumes.  Your child thrives on creating, performing and entertaining.  Our Visual & Performing Arts Magnet Schools provide the training, opportunities and space artistic children need to explore their creativity and develop their talents.  Thanks to our visiting professional artists and partnerships with STAGES, Muny Kids, the Saint Louis Symphony, Opera Theatre of St. Louis and more, your child will be exposed to a world he or she might otherwise only dream about. 

Artistic and school standards must be met for entrance and continued enrollment in these schools.

Shaw Visual and Performing Arts Center (K-5) Principal: Dr. Lori Craig
5329 Columbia Ave., 63139 (314) 776-5091 

Ames Visual and Performing Arts Center (K-5) Principal: JaVeeta Parks-Prince
2900 Hadley St., 63107 (314) 241-7165

Carr Lane Visual and Performing Arts Middle School (6-8) Principal: Barrett Taylor
1004 N. Jefferson Ave., 63106 (314) 231-0413

Central @ Southwest Visual and Performing Arts High School (9-12) Principal: Dr. Kacy Seals click for Central VPA Criteria
3125 S. Kingshighway., 63139 (314) 771-2772 


Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience is designed for a community of learners that will embrace very high academic standards.  In addition to offering advanced curricula, Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience will create an environment in which all of its students and staff will work together toward a common goal of careers in medicine and medical research.

Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience (9-10) Principal: Frederick Steele  click for CSMB Criteria
450 Des Peres Ave., 63112 (314) 696-2290

Application Process

Students wishing to attend a Magnet School must submit an application, which can be done online at  

Applications not submitted online, can be mailed to or dropped off at:
Voluntary Interdistrict Choice Corp.
7425 Forsyth Blvd., Suite 110
St. Louis,  MO 63105

You may apply for up to four gifted schools and/or two non-gifted schools.

After the Pool A Lottery is complete, a new application with different or additional choices for consideration in the Pool B Lottery will override any previous application submitted for a student that is on a wait list from the Pool A lottery.  Any application submitted for a different school than the site a student was accepted into will not be processed unless the seat offered has been declined.

Please do not submit a request for placement to a school you are not willing to have your child attend.  Any child accepted to a school will not be considered for placement to other choices or remain on the wait list for other choices requested.  This includes students accepted to a second choice request.  Any student accepted to a requested second choice will no longer be considered for placement, nor remain on the wait list for the first choice request.

Schools and individual grades at schools - where all available seats have been projected as full for the 2018-2019 school year with a lengthy wait list in place, applicant may be removed as a requestable choice when submitting an application.  This is done to encourage applicants to consider schools where openings exist, and not simply to be added to a lengthy wait list without chance of receiving an offer for placement.

Application Deadlines

The deadline to submit an application to be considered for placement on a first come first-served basis in Thursday, May 24, 2018.

Additional lottery information can be found here.

For more information, call
St. Louis County Residents: (314) 721-8422 ext. 3012
St. Louis City Residents: (314) 633-5200

Link to DESE for School Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Dates

Magnet School Handbook  for St. Louis County Residents

St. Louis Public Schools

The Board of Education of the City of St. Louis does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, veteran status, creed, ancestry, sexual orientation or disability in employment programs or activities.  Inquiries regarding compliance with Title VII, Title IX, ADE A, Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act, The Missouri Human Rights Act, or ADA should be directed to the Human Resource Officer, 801 N. 11th Street, St. Louis,  MO 63101.


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